Extreme heat = extreme health derailment

Heat and sunshine are wonderful things. I love them both. Here in south east Australia we have had a sweltering week. It was so hot that our local power station overheated and caught fire, depriving us of electricity. Since it has been so hot, I haven’t been as active as usual or eating as well as I could have.

It’s too hot to cook; it’s too hot to exercise. All I wanted to do was be in some water – any water! I went from the beach, to a spa, to the pool. I even went and hosed my horse down wearing a bikini and enjoying the splash effect.

Despite this week’s heat causing my diet and exercise regime to spoil like seafood, I’ve enjoyed the heat. I love it. It’s what summer in Australia should be: hot. I’m awfully sick of surfing in a wetsuit in the middle of summer!

But now that it’s cooled down (and we have onshore winds again grrr) I’ll be able to lose these 2 kilos that have snuck up on me just this week. 3 birthdays (plus another one today) and hot weather have not been kind to my waistline. I’m off right now to go for a refreshing walk instead of my usual Saturday morning surf because it’s so flat out there that I may as well try surfing in my swimming pool.


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