Hip pocket and hip handles

I returned to university on Wednesday. Yes, it’s summer school. No, I didn’t fail anything. A few friends and I are utter nerds and decided to enrol because we want to do as many extra credit units as we can. This has been a decision that I’ve since regretted because what does it do? It cuts into my surfing time! But this is not what I’m going to be discussing today.

I’m going to be discussing price differences between healthy lunch options and unhealthy lunch options in the university cafeteria.

Standing in the cafeteria, my dear health-conscious friend, married mum of two, asked me ‘do I really want to spend nine dollars on a sandwich or just pay two bucks for a bucket of chips (aka fries)?’ She has a valid point. Why would students, who are known for struggling financially, make the “better choice” if they have little money?

I know my friend is a keen consumer of veggies and lean proteins, and she uses her gym membership, so I told her ‘just get the chips’. Because what is the point of spending three-times the amount of money on healthy food? She’s fit and fabulous. But it’s really something to take notice of isn’t it. The health food will hit the hip pocket but the unhealthy food will hit the hip handles.

Another example I noticed was king-size chocolate bars costing three dollars. A bran muffin was seven dollars. Could someone please change this? We must surely be a mostly-malnourished population in this economy. A bottle of water costs more than a sugary energy drink. Where’s the incentive for people to just eat a little healthier? Why must we ‘want to lose weight’ before we choose a ‘lifestyle change’?

I’ll be bringing my lunch every day to uni.

I shop at the fruit & veggie markets. I buy everything I want. Then I do meal plans around what I’ve already bought. Then I pack my lunch. I do this both because I’m cautious of the food I eat and, quite simply (and a much less seemingly stuck-up high-road approach), I have no money to spend!

I just honestly hope that one day healthier options will be competitively priced with the junk in the university cafeterias.


5 thoughts on “Hip pocket and hip handles

  1. I completely agree. I know economically speaking chips are a much cheaper option to produce than a sandwich… but the mark up on sandwiches is not nearly comparable as it is to chips. It seems to me that instead of incentivising healthy food, by making it cheaper, there is almost a ‘health’ tax on foods that are considered to be ‘super foods’. Take for instance coconut oil, once that was so ridiculously cheap because all it was used for was rubbing on your skin to attract the sun… now that it’s popularised in every raw food instagram post, its ten fold the price of what it was. Watch out for coconut flakes, they are on the rise too 🙂

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