Small goals and baby steps

A lot of people in the Western culture will have a list of ‘New Year Resolutions’ but the moment they wake up on January the 1st, all that hope of ‘tomorrow’ will be tarnished because it’s suddenly ‘today’. They’ll put off whatever they wanted to achieve. I wonder if the reason people do this is because it is merely just hope and dreams or if they just have no-follow-through. I hope it’s not the latter.

I’ve never made a New Year Resolution. I usually skip New Years Eve celebrations and to be honest get downright depressed that I am not the person I wish I was. Are any of us really the people we want to be?

My best advice from an objective position to New Years Resolutions would be the obvious one: set realistic goals. If ‘be happier’ is on the list, you’re kind of doomed to fail. Be happier is awfully broad, just the same as eat better or lose weight. How are you going to eat better? How are you going to lose weight? How are you going to be happier? If you answer diet or exercise – the answer is still too broad and you have a problem. Which leads me to my next piece of advice:

Set small goals. Don’t start running a mile a day if you never ran in 2013. It doesn’t happen. Don’t crash diet because you’ll do just that: crash. Small goals are best because they are more rewarding. Instead of telling yourself to never eat chocolate again, tell yourself you’re only going to eat chocolate once a week for a month. You’ll be empowered with your success (because success is easy if you take baby steps) and you’ll want to better your goal.

365 days is a long time and your life’s habits aren’t going to be kicked just because the calendar changes.

Avoid disappointment and review that list of resolutions and maybe fine-tune a couple. Small goals and baby steps are what leads to success.


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