Post-Christmas blah?

I hope everybody had an enjoyable Christmas and you embraced the love of family and friends (and Jesus if you are Christian).
There were a few news reports stating that the average Australian consumes more than 7,000 calories on Christmas Day. That sure is a lot!
But it’s Christmas! It’s the one day of the year where we take it as a personal challenge to eat every chocolate or cherry in sight.
There are healthier options to “binge” on for such special occasions. I made huge bowls of garden salads and a quinoa salad and also a natural coleslaw (no dressing, just cabbage, carrot and spring onion). I filled my plates with these before I even looked at the naughty (tastier) stuff like sausages and roast potatoes.
Yet despite eating mainly salad, two lamb cutlets, two sausages and a glass of lemonade, my weight still rocketed upwards to the extent that it was just plain cruel and I wanted to murder my bathroom scale. Maybe it was a bad idea to weigh myself the day after eating so much because of water retention but it was the best way to kick my butt back into gear.
Experts say not to weigh yourself every day. They do have a credible point because our weights do fluctuate, but for accountability reasons, I think weighing every 1-3 days is a good thing. You can easily eat junk one day and be too worried to weigh-in the next day so without that shock factor (be it water retention or not) you might just keep eating junk. Of course, it’s a personal choice. Weighing-in regularly keeps me focused. If measuring or fitness levels is your choice, by all means. Whatever works for you is what will work best. Although, my weight went up by 3.4 kilograms so weighing-in may be a little distressing for those who are overly sensitive! (Don’t worry, I’ve lost all that now plus more so it can be rewarding too.)
Finding the motivation to eat healthily, or work out or even just go for a walk is probably the hardest thing to find at this time of year so my advice is to just find something that is going to remind you of your goals and keep at it because no diet deserves to die just because you’re having a great time.


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