Surf brands aren’t selling you so relax

I had a compulsion to stop at surf shops and admire the products. I would run my hands over the smooth surfaces of brand new surfboards and breathe in the scent of neoprene. A shop assistant would ask if I needed help and I would feel as though they had said you don’t know anything about surfing…because you’re fat.
I’d leave and go home and watch Youtube videos of surfing and read all about the ASP Women’s Tour. I’d stare at pictures of the tanned skins, salty wavy hair and feel like weeping. I did not look like that. I wore layers of baggy clothing to hide my body. Those surfer girls wore next to nothing and I envied their confidence.
But this is just what the market tells us we’re supposed to feel. Surfing has a huge input of the gym and health food market. It’s only natural that non-super athletic people feel intimidated and out of place just like I did.
I don’t think it’s intentional. I mean, what would the brands have against non-ripped surfers anyway? Nothing. They’re not trying to sell us. They’re trying to sell themselves. So if you feel as though the brand or the market – this goes for fashion too – is purposely excluding you because of your size, don’t worry too much. It’s all an illusion anyway. It’s a brand. It’s not a person standing there fat-shaming you.
Hold your head up high and flaunt that bikini on the beach. There’s nothing wrong with feeling confident. If you have confidence, you have what everyone wants because it doesn’t matter how thin or how fat you are – you can still have body issues.
Ignore everyone else. People are too self-involved to really notice other people anyway. It’s harsh but it’s true. Your size 12 bikini body will be fretted over no more or less than the size 10 bikini, the size 14 bikini or even the girl in the size 6 bikini.
We’re all just trying to enjoy our lives so don’t worry about the markets and brands selling skinny or muscular or super athletic. Concentrate on yourself because I can guarantee that’s all anybody else is doing.


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